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2017年09月24日 09:28:27 | 作者:乐视晚报 | 来源:新华社
More cities in China are expected to introduce restrictive measures to dampen speculative buying and curb soaring property prices, according to analysts.根据分析人士表示,预计我国国内将有更多城市推出限制措施来抑制投机炒房、遏制不断上涨的房价。On Monday, Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, imposed limits on second home purchases for buyers without a city household registrations.本周一,浙江省会城市杭州对非本市户籍居民购买第二套住房加以限制。Earlier this year, four other cities - Nanjing, Hefei, Suzhou and Xiamen - announced measures to cool the residential property market, such as increasing the down payment requirements for second homes or even barring the purchase of second and third homes.今年早些时候,南京、合肥、苏州和厦门这四个城市也发布了为住宅地产市场降温的举措,如提高二套房首付比例、甚至限购二套房和三套房。In these cities, the average price of commercial residences has been rising by more than 30 percent year-on-year, and the new package of restrictions could sp to other cities with similar price rises, said Ding Zuyu, an analyst with realty research firm CRIC Information Group.房地产研究公司克而瑞信息集团的分析人员丁祖昱表示,在这些城市中,商业住宅的平均价格比去年同期增长了超过30%,而新的一揽子计划可能会蔓延到其他类似的价格上涨的城市。Ding said provincial capitals and second-tier cities close to regional economic hubs are most likely to be hit by the cooling measures, because their housing prices continue to rise amid shrinking property inventory and land supply and a swelling urban population.丁祖昱声称,省会和接近区域经济枢纽的二线城市,最有可能受到降温措施的打击,因为这些城市的房价在不断上升的过程中伴随着房地产库存和土地供应的减少,以及城市人口的膨胀。According to the National Bureau of Statistics on Monday, the price of new commercial residences in August rose in 64 of the 70 cities it monitors.国家统计局周一发布的数据显示,8月份,在其监测的70个城市中,新建商品住宅价格上涨的城市有64个。More cities are expected to tighten property policies in the future as home prices go up, said Xia Dan, a senior researcher with the Bank of Communications.交通高级研究员夏丹表示,随着房价走高,预计未来将有更多城市收紧楼市政策。 /201609/468194

Norway and China will restart work on a free-trade deal after they agreed to end a six-year diplomatic freeze.在同意结束长达六年的外交关系冻结之后,挪威和中国将重新启动双边自由贸易协定的工作。Oslo and Beijing have normalised their relations after the fallout from the 2010 award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo led China to suspend ties.奥斯陆方面和北京方面已实现了关系正常化。此前的2010年,挪威把诺贝尔和平奖颁给了在押的中国异议人士刘晓波,导致中国暂停了两国关系。Borge Brende, Norway’s foreign minister, said: “I am happy that today in Beijing we can mark a full normalisation of our political and diplomatic relations with China. This provides great opportunities for co-operation.”挪威外长尔格.布伦德(Borge Brende)表示:“我很高兴今天在北京实现了与中国政治和外交关系的完全正常化。这为未来双边合作提供了更广泛的机遇。”Norway’s centre-right government has made re-establishing relations with China one of its main priorities. The government drew criticism from human rights activists for refusing to meet the Dalai Lama in 2014 as part of its attempts to gain favour with Beijing.挪威中右政府一直把恢复对华关系作为主要优先事项之一。为了争取北京方面的持,挪威政府在2014年拒绝会见达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama),遭到了人权活动人士的批评。Norway had significant sales of fish such as salmon to China before the relations were frozen while Beijing has shown increasing interest in the Arctic, including establishing a research base at an international centre on Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago.两国关系冻结之前,挪威向中国出口了三文鱼等大量鱼类,而北京方面对北极地区表现出了越来越大的兴趣,包括在挪威斯瓦尔巴特群岛(Svalbard)的一个国际中心建立一个研究基地。In a joint statement on Monday by the two governments, Norway said it was “fully conscious of the position and concerns of the Chinese side” over the Nobel award. It added that Norway was committed to the One China policy recently called into question by US president-elect Donald Trump and “attaches high importance to China’s core interests and major concerns”.挪威在两国政府周一发布的联合声明中表示,该国“完全理解到中国方面对诺贝尔奖的立场和关切”。该声明补充道,挪威政府坚持一个中国政策,“高度重视中国的核心利益和重大关切”。一个中国政策近来受到了美国侯任总统唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)的质疑。The document added: “The Norwegian government fully respects China’s development path and social system, and highly commends its historic and unparalleled development that has taken place.”该声明补充称:“挪威政府充分尊重中国的发展道路和社会制度,高度赞赏中国所取得的具有历史意义的非凡发展成就。”The statement mentioned trade, culture, education and polar issues as areas for “win-win co-operation”.该声明称,贸易、文化、教育和极地问题都是“双赢合作”的领域。The Norwegian Seafood Council estimated that Norwegian salmon exports to China could increase twentyfold. “It is unbelievably good, and very surprising news. This is the best possible Christmas present for the Norwegian seafood industry and especially the salmon sector,” Sigmund Bjorgo, director for China at the council, told Norwegian media on Monday.根据挪威海产局(Norwegian Seafood Council)估计,挪威对中国的三文鱼出口量可能增加20倍。“这是好得难以置信、非常令人惊讶的消息。对挪威海产品行业、特别是三文鱼产业而言,这可能是最佳的圣诞礼物,”挪威海产局中国业务负责人西格蒙德.比约戈(Sigmund Bjorgo)周一对挪威媒体表示。Norwegian politicians will visit China in the spring of 2017 together with a delegation from Norwegian companies. Groups such as Statoil, the government-controlled oil major, had urged Oslo to ease the tensions as they eyed the commercial possibilities including that of shale gas.2017年春天,挪威政治家将与挪威公司代表团一起访问中国。政府控股的石油巨头挪威国家石油公司(Statoil)等集团,一直在敦促奥斯陆方面缓和两国关系,因为它们注意到了包括页岩气在内的商业可能性。Cecilie Bakke, director of the China programme at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, welcomed the re-establishment of relations as a positive development: “To have a conversation on human rights, you have to have political relations.”挪威人权中心(NCHR)中国项目主任塞西莉.巴克(Cecilie Bakke)对两国恢复关系表示欢迎,称之为一个积极动态:“要就人权问题展开谈话,你必须存在政治关系。”But she added: “There is a lot of talk about trade and salmon today. It’s very important that we shouldn’t forget about human rights.” 但她接着说:“现在有关贸易和三文鱼的谈论很多了。非常重要的是,我们不应该忘记人权。” /201612/484947

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