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Russian hackers are using Twitter as an ultra-stealthy way of concealing their intrusions into sensitive Western government computer systems — a new surveillance technique that blends cutting edge digital engineering with old-fashioned spy tradecraft.俄罗斯黑客正把Twitter用作一种超级隐秘的方式,隐藏其入侵西方政府敏感电脑系统的行为,这种新的监视技术将先进的数字工程技术与老式的谍报技术结合在一起。The hackers use images uploaded to the social media site to send messages and directions to malware — or malicious software — with which they have infected target computers.黑客利用上传至Twitter的图片向植入到目标电脑中的恶意程序传递信息和指令。The value of using Twitter as a means to control the malware — which may direct computers to steal files or other unintended operations — is that it is virtually invisible to most detection systems, appearing instead like myriad other visits users make to the social networking site.把Twitter用作控制这种恶意程序的方法,其好处在于,多数侦测系统几乎无法察觉,看上去像是用户在大量访问这家社交网站。这种恶意软件可能会命令电脑盗取文件或进行其他意想不到的任务。A new report from the cyber security firm FireEye released on Wednesday identifies the new malware for the first time publicly, which it has nicknamed “Hammertoss”.网络安全机构FireEye周三发布的一份最新报告首次公开确认了这种新的恶意程序,绰号为“Hammertoss”。FireEye says it has “high confidence” that Russian agents are behind the project.FireEye表示,“高度怀疑”俄罗斯特工是该计划的持者。“It’s really an example of how innovative and thoughtful threat groups are becoming,” said Jen Weedon, manager at FireEye’s threat intelligence group. “They are leveraging all of these credentials and services. It’s artistry. This is clearly not malware that is being built without thought.”“这确实表明这些组织变成了多么创新且经过精心设计的威胁,”FireEye威胁情报组织经理詹威登(Jen Weedon)表示,“他们正利用所有这些资历和务。这需要高超的技巧。这显然不是没有经过思考就建立起来的。”For all its digital sophistication, the principles behind Hammertoss are reminiscent of the low-tech spy signals of the Cold War — chalk marks on trees or dead-letter boxes. In essence, the social media site allows Russia’s cyber warriors to communicate with their agents in plain sight and under the noses of those on the look out for unusual behaviour or communications.尽管Hammertoss需要复杂的数字技巧,但其背后的原则让人想起冷战(Cold War)时期科技含量较低的间谍信号:树上的粉笔记号或者废弃的信箱。大体而言,Twitter使得俄罗斯网络间谍得以在光天化日之下与他们的特工联系,而且就在那些监视不寻常行为或信息交流的机构的眼皮底下。The malware, once embedded, performs a daily check for a specific Twitter account, the unique name of which is generated on each occasion by an inbuilt secret algorithm.一旦植入这种恶意程序,它将每日查看具体某个Twitter账号,内置的秘密算法会每次生成独一无二的名字。Hammertoss’s controllers, by possessing an identical algorithm, are able to know the name of the Twitter account the malware will look for each day. If they wish to issue a command to Hammertoss, they set up the account and post a tweet.Hammertoss的控制者通过处理同样的算法,就能知晓这种恶意软件将每天寻找的Twitter账号的名字。如果他们想向Hammertoss发布命令,他们就建立一个账号,发布消息。The tweet may look innocuous, but it will contain a link to an image. The image has a secret message for Hammertoss encoded within it — another Cold War technique known as steganography.这些消息可能看上去毫无恶意,但将在图片中隐藏一个链接。图片中含有加密的秘密信息,这是冷战中的另一种谍报技术:“隐写术”。Another Russian malware family, known as MiniDuke also used Twitter for certain command and control operations, but unlike Hammertoss, was limited to communications with a limited number of specific, pre-established accounts.俄罗斯的另一个恶意程序家族名为MiniDuke,它也利用Twitter传递特定命令和控制任务,但与Hammertoss不同的是,它限于与有限数量的提前设置的特定账户的信息沟通。 /201507/389611London—The European Commission is said to be planning to charge Google with using its dominant position in online search to favor the company’s own services over others, in what would be one of the biggest antitrust cases here since regulators went after Microsoft.伦敦——据称,欧盟委员会(European Commission)计划就谷歌(Google)利用它在网络搜索方面的主导地位,偏袒谷歌自身务的做法提起诉讼。这可能会成为监管机关对微软(Microsoft)采取行动以来,欧洲规模最大的反垄断案之一。Europe’s competition chief, Margrethe Vestager, is expected to make an announcement in Brussels on Wednesday that Google has abused its dominant position, according to two people who spoke Tuesday on the condition of anonymity.两名知情人士周二在匿名的前提下透露,欧盟的市场竞争负责人玛格丽特·韦斯塔格尔(Margrethe Vestager)将于周三在布鲁塞尔发表声明,称谷歌滥用了主导地位。The decision to push ahead with a so-called statement of objections is the latest twist in the lengthy investigation into Google’s activities in Europe, where it holds a roughly 90 percent share in the region’s search market. If Europe is successful in making its case, the American tech giant could face a huge fine and be forced to alter its business practices to give smaller competitors like Yelp greater prominence in its search queries.采取行动发表所谓的异议声明(statement of objections)的决定,在谷歌的欧洲业务受到的漫长调查中,是最新的一步转折。在欧洲,谷歌约占搜索市场90%的份额。如果欧洲起诉成功,这家美国科技巨头就将面临巨额罚款,而且还将被迫调整其商业操作,在其搜索结果中将Yelp等规模较小的竞争对手呈现在更显著的位置。A representative for Google declined to comment on any potential action by the European authorities. But in an internal memo to employees, first obtained by the technology news site Re/code, the company said it expected the commission to file a statement of objections about how the company displays search results, particularly for shopping. It also expected the authorities to open an investigation into Android, the Google software that runs a majority of the world’s smartphones.谷歌的一名代表拒绝就欧盟可能采取的行动发表。但科技新闻网站Re/code最先取得的一份谷歌发送给员工的内部备忘录显示,谷歌表示该公司认为,欧盟委员会将会发表一份异议声明,涉及谷歌排列搜索结果的方式,尤其是有关购物的搜素结果。该公司还认为,欧盟委员会将对谷歌的Android软件开展调查,世界上大多数智能手机使用的都是Android系统。“We have a very strong case, with especially good arguments when it comes to better services for users and increased competition,” the memo said. “All told, consumers have a lot of choice — and they are exercising it. And many, many other companies have very successful mobile businesses — including Apple, the most valuable (mobile) company in the world.”“我们胜算很大,特别在为用户提供更好的务,以及促进竞争方面,我们有非常好的论据,”备忘录显示。“总之,消费者有很多选择,而他们都在行使选择权。很多、很多公司都有非常成功的移动业务,比如苹果公司(Apple)——世界上市值最高的(移动)公司。”It is still unclear what specific accusations Ms. Vestager plans to include in the charges against Google. But the pressure the company faces in Europe is just one of the regulatory problems that American tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Apple are facing across the 28-member bloc.目前仍不清楚韦斯塔格尔计划对谷歌提出哪些具体的指控。但该公司在欧洲所面临的难题,只是亚马逊(Amazon)、Facebook和苹果等美国科技巨头,在这个由28个国家组成的政治联盟里,面临的诸多监管难题之一。Europe’s antitrust officials have aly opened investigations into whether Apple and Amazon received preferential treatment in their low-tax arrangements — Apple in Ireland and Amazon in Luxembourg. In addition, privacy watchdogs across the region are asking whether companies like Facebook have securely protected people’s online data. Policy makers are also investigating whether American Internet platforms like Amazon have too much control over how Europeans gain access to online services.欧洲反垄断官员已在调查苹果和亚马逊在其避税安排中是否得到了优待,其中苹果公司是在爱尔兰,亚马逊在卢森堡。此外,欧洲各地的隐私监察组织也在怀疑Facebook等公司没能对人们的在线数据进行可靠保护。政策制定者正在调查亚马逊等美国互联网平台,看它们是否对欧洲人的网络务获取构成了过多的控制。European lawmakers have said that these inquiries are not specifically aimed at American tech companies, though many industry executives say they are aimed at helping European tech companies, which have so far been unable to rival their much larger ed States competitors.欧洲立法者们称这些调查并非专门针对美国科技公司,不过许多业内高管认为,把他们当做目标是为了帮助欧洲的科技公司,这些公司迄今为止还无法跟规模庞大得多的美国公司抗衡。The investigation against Google has aly dragged on for nearly five years at the European Commission without formal charges or a negotiated settlement. That has prompted criticism that the region’s most important antitrust enforcer has been too easy on Google.欧盟委员会对谷歌的调查已经持续长达将近5年,至今没有正式起诉,也没有达成协议和解。有人因此指责这个欧洲地区最重要的反垄断执法机构对谷歌过分客气。Europe’s main focus of investigation is whether Google has abused its search engine’s large market share by favoring its own products. The search engine is more dominant in Europe than in the ed States, where competitors like Microsoft’s Bing have a sizable market share.欧洲的调查主要关注谷歌是否滥用其搜索引擎的巨大市场份额,让自己的产品获得优势。谷歌搜索引擎在欧洲的统治地位要高过在美国,后者还存在微软的必应(Bing)等竞争对手,占据了相当一部分市场。Ms. Vestager, a Danish politician who took over as the European Union’s top antitrust official in November, is scheduled to travel to Washington later this week, where she is expected to meet senior justice officials and participate in antitrust conferences.11月接任欧盟最高反垄断官员的丹麦政治人物韦斯塔格尔计划在本周晚些时候前往华盛顿,她在那里应该会见一些高级司法官员,并参加反垄断会议。More than two dozen companies and organizations have filed antitrust complaints in Europe against Google. Many are in Germany, where powerful publishing groups and online firms have called on the European regulator to stop the American search giant from blocking competition in sectors like online mapping, travel services and shopping.在欧洲已经有数十家公司和机构投诉谷歌垄断,其中许多来自德国,那里的一些强大的出版集团和网络公司向欧洲监管机构呼吁,阻止这家美国搜索引擎巨头在网络地图、旅行务和购物等领域阻挠竞争的行为。“The E.U. competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, will decide what steps they want to go,” Günther Oettinger, a German politician who is charge of Europe’s digital economy, told Die Welt am Sonntag, a German newspaper, on Sunday. “I think that they will be far-reaching.”“欧盟竞争委员玛格丽特·韦斯塔格尔会决定他们将采取那些措施,”分管欧洲数码经济的德国政治人物金特·厄廷格(Günther Oettinger)周日对德国报纸《周日世界报》(Die Welt am Sonntag)说。“我认为相关措施会产生深远影响。”If Google fails to rebut any formal charges, Ms. Vestager could levy a fine that could exceed 6 billion euros, or .4 billion — about 10 percent of Google’s most recent annual revenue. But the largest single fine yet levied in such a case falls well short of that mark: The record is 1.1 billion in 2009 against Intel for abusing its dominance of the computer chip market.如果谷歌无法反驳任何正式指控,维斯塔格尔可以对其处以超过60亿欧元(约合396亿元人民币)的罚款——大概是谷歌最近一年的年收入的10%。不过此类案件迄今做出过的最高额罚款远远低于这个数字:目前的纪录是2009年创下的,当时英特尔(Intel)因滥用电脑芯片市场绝对优势地位被罚11亿欧元。The commission previously spent years reining in Microsoft, which accrued a total of almost 2 billion in European fines over a decade, including a penalty in 2013 for failing to adhere to an earlier settlement.此前,欧盟委员会曾耗费数年时间对微软加以控制,令这家公司在10年里累积向欧洲付了将近20亿欧元的罚款,包括在2013年因未能履行较早前的一份和解协议而受罚。Google still could settle the matter. But whatever the search giant might negotiate with the commission, analysts say, the deal will have a greater impact on its business than previous attempts to settle. Ms. Vestager’s predecessor, Joaquín Almunia, gave Google three opportunities to make concessions that were aimed at allowing the company to escape both a fine and a formal finding of wrongdoing.谷歌依然有望达成和解。然而分析人士说,不管搜索巨头跟委员会如何协商,这一次的协议对其业务的影响,都将超过此前的几次和解努力。维斯塔格尔的前任华金·阿尔穆尼亚(Joaquín Almunia)曾给了谷歌三次妥协的机会,旨在让该公司逃脱一项罚款和一项正式的不法行为裁决。Those settlement efforts repeatedly ran afoul of Google’s rivals, including American companies like Microsoft and Yelp, which successfully complained that most of the changes proposed by Google have been insufficient to solve the antitrust concerns identified by regulators.这些和解努力不断地引起谷歌的竞争对手的异议,其中包括微软和Yelp等美国公司,它们诉称谷歌提出的修改不足以解决监管机构认定的反垄断问题,并最终获得成功。“Everyone should have equal treatment,” said Thomas Vinje, a lawyer for FairSearch Europe, which represents Google rivals. “Google should apply its own algorithm fairly to everything, including its own services.”“每个人都应该得到平等对待,”谷歌竞争对手的代理律师、公平搜索组织(FairSearch)欧洲分机构的托马斯·维尼亚(Thomas Vinje)说。“谷歌的算法应该对所有东西一视同仁,包括它自己的务。” /201504/370414Measured against how long we have been around, humans began ing only recently. The earliest scripts emerged about 5,000 years ago.以人类存在的整个历史衡量,人类只是在最近才开始阅读。最早的手稿出现在大约5000年前。The Greeks produced a fully-developed alphabet, with vowels, about 3,000 years ago. Johannes Gutenberg printed his bible 560 years ago.希腊人在大约3000年前发明了带有元音的、成熟的字母表。约翰内斯#8226;谷登堡(Johannes Gutenberg)于560年前印刷出了圣经。If ing from the printed page is recent, then ing from a digital screen is a just-peeled-the-protective-plastic-off novelty.如果说人类只是从最近才开始阅读印刷文字的话,那么从数字屏幕上阅读就如刚刚撕掉塑料保护膜一样的新鲜。Many have described the advent of digital ing as the biggest revolution since Gutenberg. We are still not sure what digital screens are doing to the process of ing. While researchers have tried to examine the difference between print and onscreen ing, the results are fuzzy.很多人把数字化阅读的出现描述为自谷登堡以来的最大变革。我们尚无法确定数字化屏幕对阅读过程具有何种影响。尽管研究人员尝试了研究纸质阅读和屏幕阅读的区别,但结果并不清晰。Some studies have found little difference in comprehension and recall between those ing print and those looking at screens. Others have found lower understanding and memory among screen ers.一些研究发现,纸质阅读和屏幕阅读在理解和回忆方面几乎没有区别。另外一些研究发现,屏幕阅读者在理解和记忆方面表现较差。Apart from the difficulties of assessing how people absorb meaning, digital devices are still changing and developing, attempting to make the ing process smoother.除了在评估人们如何吸收语意上存在困难外,数字化设备仍在不断变化和发展,试图让阅读过程更加顺畅。As ing researchers Anne Mangen of the University of Stavanger and Don Kuiken of the University of Alberta admit, it is best to see their and others’ studies as “an exploration of possibilities rather than explicit hypothesis testing”.正如阅读研究员、挪威斯塔万格大学(University of Stavanger)的安妮#8226;芒让(Anne Mangen)和加拿大阿尔伯塔大学(University of Alberta)的唐#8226;奎肯(Don Kuiken)所承认的那样,最好把他们和其他人的研究看作是“一次关于可能性的探索,而非明确的假设检验”。Their research examined whether people differently on a screen (the Kindle app on an iPad) and a printed page, but also looked at the difference between fiction and non-fiction. They gave their subjects a piece of writing describing an actual murder at a mall, and told one group it was made-up and the other that it was real.他们对人们在屏幕(iPad上的Kindle应用软件)和纸质阅读是否存在差异进行研究,不过也观察了阅读小说和非小说之间的差异。他们给了研究对象一篇讲述一宗发生在商场的真实谋杀案的文章,告诉其中一组这件事是虚构的,告诉另一组文章是真实的。Among those who thought it was fiction, there was little difference between screen and print ers. Those ing from the iPad were a little unsure of their location in the text. But their grasp of the narrative, their immersion in the story and how much sympathy they felt with the characters differed little from that of the print ers.在认为阅读内容为小说的研究对象中,屏幕阅读和纸质阅读之间几乎没有差别。在iPad上阅读的人对文中所述事件的发生地点有点不确定。但是他们对文字叙述的理解、对故事情节的投入以及对人物的同情程度,与纸质阅读者几乎没有差别。Among those who thought they were ing non-fiction, there was a significant difference. The iPad ers had less narrative grasp, less immersion and less sympathy.那组认为自己阅读的是非小说的研究对象,则存在显著差别。与纸质阅读者相比,iPad阅读者对文字叙述的理解更差,对故事的投入更弱,同情心也更少。Why the difference? The writers e research suggesting that ing non-fiction involves fast processing (“skimming”)” while fiction involves slow processing (“savouring”).为什么会存在差异?两位作者引用研究称,阅读非小说涉及快速处理(“略读”),而阅读小说涉及慢速处理(“品味”)。The suggestion is that ing screens for factual information encourages skimming so that when the narrative is more detailed it becomes less comprehensible.这似乎表明,在屏幕上阅读事实类信息促使阅读者进行略读,因此当文字叙述比较详细时,理解就较差。This matches my experience. I am ing 10 novels, as chairman of the judges of theFinancial Times arts awards for emerging market countries. As I have been travelling, I have mostly been ing on a Kindle.这与我的经验相符。作为英国《金融时报》评判新兴市场国家艺术奖的主席,我目前正在阅读10本小说。由于我最近在出差,我大多时候都用Kindle看书。I prefer real books, for the heft, the ease of paging back and the sense of how far I have — which I can see and feel, rather than relying on a percentage at the bottom of the page. But a Kindle is compact and easy on the eyes and, like the students in the study, I have had no problem immersing myself in the stories.我更喜欢实实在在的书,因为它有重量,能轻易翻回之前的页,也能直观感受到自己已经读了多少——这是我“看得见摸得着”的,而不需要依靠屏幕下方的进度条来判断。但是,Kindle外形小巧紧凑,阅读起来不伤眼睛,而且就像上述研究的参加者那样,我可以让自己投入故事情节。Reading news is different. When my morning train is crowded, I from an iPhone app rather than a newspaper. When I get into the office and page through the FT, I find I have most of it — but not all.阅读新闻则有所不同。当上班的列车很拥挤时,我用iPhone上的一款app看新闻,而不是直接看报纸。当我进入办公室浏览英国《金融时报》时,我发现自己看过了大部分内容——但并非全部。When I use an app, I what I am interested in. When I a print newspaper, I find myself ing things I did not know I was interested in.当我使用app时,我只看自己感兴趣的内容。但我看纸质报纸时,我会看一些之前不知道自己会感兴趣的内容。Others have spoken about the serendipity of print, but I think there is more to it. Reading from a mobile phone, the fastest-growing form of digital ing, is useful, but it is, literally, narrower than print.有人曾谈到纸质阅读的意外收获,但我认为没这么简单。作为增长最快的数字化阅读方式,手机阅读很有用,但是它显然比纸质阅读更“窄”。A newspaper offers peripheral vision. There is the likelihood not only that you will come across unexpected information, but that you will connect it to other things you have .报纸提供周边视觉。你不仅可能看到意想不到的信息,还可能会把它与你读过的内容联系起来。This is important for those whose job is to think about the threats, opportunities and changes that might affect the business. It is not an either/or. You have to be immersed in the digital world too to know what it is doing to people’s behaviour.对于职责就是思索可能影响业务的威胁、机会和变化的人来说,这很重要。这并非是个非此即彼的选择。你也必须沉浸到数字化世界中,才能了解它对人们的行为产生了什么影响。Studies in the US show that those who still a newspaper are higher-earning and better-educated.美国的研究表明,如今仍然阅读报纸的人的收入更高、受教育水平也更高。They are also generally older. But every now and then I meet a 20-something digital native who s print newspapers, too. I immediately assume they have a great future.他们也普遍年纪更大。但是我也会不时地遇到一个20多岁的“数字化原住民”在阅读纸质报纸。我会立马认为他们拥有一个光明的前途。 /201507/385725One of China’s largest mobile app makers is expanding in the US just as many of the country’s other internet companies say they are heading back to the mainland.在多家中国互联网公司计划回归中国之时,中国最大的移动应用开发商之一猎豹移动(Cheetah Mobile)正在美国扩张。Cheetah Mobile, a spin-off of Kingsoft, China’s largest software maker, on Wednesday announced plans to hire a US-based chief technology officer and base its research and development in the country.这家从中国最大的软件开发商金山软件(Kingsoft)拆分出来的公司周三宣布,将任命一位常驻美国的首席技术官,并在美国建设研发基地。The group said it would “significantly expand” the number of US employees from 50 over the next two years, with Xu Ming, Cheetah’s president, adding that the company “must succeed in the US because the US is the beachhead for the world”.猎豹表示,未来两年将“大力扩充”美国员工数量(目前为50人)。该公司总裁徐鸣还表示,猎豹“必须在美国取得成功,因为美国是全球市场的桥头堡”。Cheetah is unusual among Chinese internet companies because it generates most of its sales from outside the country: overseas revenues accounted for m of its total 8m turnover for the third quarter of 2015.在中国互联网公司中,猎豹与众不同的地方是,该公司的大部分销售额来自中国以外:2015年第三季度,在该公司1.58亿美元的总收入中,海外收入占8400万美元。The company’s apps are ubiquitous in China. They include Clean Master and CM security, popular cleaning and security apps, while Piano Tiles 2 was the most downloaded free game on Google Play in September in the US and fifth globally, according to the company.该公司的应用在中国很有市场。其中包括两款清理和安全应用——清理大师(Clean Master)和安全大师(CM security)。而据猎豹称,去年9月,《别踩白块儿2》(Piano Tiles 2)是谷歌应用商店Google Play全美国下载量最多的免费游戏,在全球位列第五。In spite of seeing third-quarter revenue jump 110 per cent year on year, Cheetah’s share price has fallen 25 per cent over the past 12 months to , down from a peak of last year.尽管2015年第三季度收入同比增长110%,但猎豹股价在过去12个月累计下跌25%,至15美元,去年曾达到35美元的峰值。One concern for investors is Cheetah’s business model, whereby free apps are used to tempt consumers to play games. This process works in China, but rival Qihoo holds most of the market for such apps. In the west “trying to use apps as a back door to gaming is unproven”, said a bank analyst.猎豹的业务模式是投资者担忧的因素之一:利用免费应用吸引消费者玩游戏。这种模式在中国行得通,但竞争对手奇虎360(Qihoo)占据这类应用的大部分市场份额。一位分析师称,在西方“试图把应用作为玩游戏的后门的模式尚未得到明”。Many Chinese companies have become disenchanted with the US market, with some announcing plans to delist from the country because they felt Chinese companies were unfairly penalised. But Mr Xu said he was undaunted.很多中国企业已对美国市场不抱幻想,一些企业宣布计划从美国退市,因为它们认为,中国企业在美国受到不公平对待,处于劣势。但徐鸣并不气馁。“Although Chinese companies may not be receiving the best valuations from US markets today, we believe over time a good company with a good product will get a fair valuation,” he said.他表示:“尽管中国企业现在可能没有从美国市场获得最佳估价,但我们认为,假以时日,一家有着优秀产品的优秀企业将得到公平估价。”In China, price-earnings ratios for the sector, though dented by sell-offs in 2015 and 2016, remain above multiples in the US. Social dating app Momo and search engine Qihoo, both of which are listed in New York, said last year they would seek to go private, possibly in preparation for relisting elsewhere.在中国,互联网行业股票的市盈率尽管因2015年和2016年的抛售潮而有所下降,但仍高于美国。社交应用陌陌和搜索引擎奇虎都在纽约上市,但它们去年均表示寻求私有化,可能是准备在其他地方重新上市。Baidu, the Chinese search engine, has set up an artificial intelligence lab in the US. Robin Li, chairman of Nasdaq-listed company, recently announced an offer to buy Baidu’s business for .8bn, with some reports suggesting it could lead to an IPO in China.在纳斯达克上市的中国搜索引擎公司百度(Baidu)已在美国成立了一个人工智能实验室。百度董事长李彦宏(Robin Li)最近宣布出价28亿美元收购百度的视频业务,一些报道称,这可能促成该业务在中国上市。 /201602/427254

India launches its biggest ever rocket:Capsule onboard the mighty GSLV Mk-III could one day carry astronauts into space.印度升空其最大型的火箭:GSLVMk-III火箭上的太空舱有朝一日或许会携带宇航员进入太空。India successfully launched its biggest ever rocket today in an effort to ramp up its ambitious space programme.印度发射了其最大型的火箭以进行其雄心勃勃的太空计划。The rocket, designed to carry heavier communication and other satellites into higher orbit, blasted off from Sriharikota in the southeast state of Andhra Pradesh.这种火箭在设计上是用来携带重型通信和其他卫星进入更高轨道的,在东南部安德拉邦的斯里赫里戈达岛发射升空。The launch was the next crucial step inIndia#39;s space programme history, after the nation successfully put a satelliteinto orbit around Mars in September.这次发射在印度空间项目历史上是关键的另一步,而在九月份印度成功将一颗卫星送到火星周围的轨道上。#39;This was a very significant day in the history of (the) Indian space programme,#39; Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman K.SRadhakrishnan said from mission control.“这在印度空间项目历史上,这是具有重要意义的一天,”印度空间研究组织主席如是说。ISRO scientists have been riding high since an Indian spacecraft successfully reached Mars on a shoe-string budget, winning Asia#39;s race to the red planet.在预算不多的情况下,印度成功的将一颗卫星送到火星,是亚洲首个抵达火星的国家,这让印度空间研究组织的科学家们情绪高涨。Although India has successfully launched lighter satellites in recent years, it has struggled to match the heavier loads sent up by other countries.虽然印度最近几年也成功发射了一些轻型卫星,但是在火箭运载量上却无法和其他国家抗衡。The new rocket, weighing 630 tonnes and capable of carrying 4 tonnes, is a boost for India#39;s attempts to grab a greaterslice of the #163;190 billion (0 billion) global space market.而这种新型的火箭重达630吨,能携带4吨重的物体,这将让印度在价值达3000亿美元的全球太空市场中获得更大的一杯羹。 /201412/350297

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